Omniscan (UT, Phase Array, TOFD, Eddy Current Array)

With use our OmniScan equipment, we can do NDT method :

    • UT Flaw Detector
    • Eddy Current Surface Inspection
    • Phase Array
    • Time Of Flight Difraction (TOFD)
    • Eddy Current Phase Array (ECA)

Phase Array, TOFD, and Eddy Current Array is Advance NDT that use in inspection because it can help inspector in field application, where the conventional inspection definite in application in time, reach area, accuracy, as well as allocable data.


Phase Array is inspection technique that have more capability as compared to Conventional NDT (UT, RT). It can happen because Phase Array have capability in probe modification in electronic where it’s probe consist of some elemen’s probe.

    • High Speed scanning
    • Improved capability
    • Multiple angle inpectionMultiple configurationF
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Application example :

  1. Plate/Butt Weld Inspection